Press Kit  
  • Gameplay  
  • To move your character, press the left and right direction keys.
    To jump press the upper direction key or the space bar.
  • By pressing Shift + direction buttons you can switch the direction of gravity, but be careful when you use it.
  • The Time Circle is one of the special equipments that you can use during the game.If the Time Circle touches any object, the time for this object will be restored and it will start to move again.
  • Story  
  • In a remote futureK
    The [Superluminal Project], elaborated by the most brilliant scientists of the planet under the guide of the President and Nicholas, is still being developed in the outer space research center without any effort spared and with an impressive deployment of resources. This program bears with it the hopes and the expectations of all mankind regarding space leisure journeys and even travels through time and space.

    But one day, suddenly the time in the research center stopped completelyK Not only the program, but all the things entered in a motionless state.

    You, being the rescue robot, will wake up in this situation, and you will have to fulfill all the duties that had been inevitably entrusted to you. Inside the oblivion of the motionless space, this terrible and frightening crisis is concrete and palpable.
    Only you can solve all the mysteries lying aheadK
  • Characters  
  • Rescue Robot (Main character)

    The Rescue Robot, the characters that players will control, was originally designed and realized by Dr. Nicholas with the main purpose of preventing big scale disasters. It is silent and taciturn but also able to carry on its duties with extreme precision. It is the main character of the game.

  • Nicholas

    He is a genius scientist who has a great reputation. He is one of the developers of the [Superluminal Project] and is considered the soul of the entire project. Nicholas knew very well all the possible risks in carrying on experiments over extremely huge energy thus, due to his prudent nature, he always proceeded very slowly and carefully. This attitude was incompatible with the Presidents one and with the aims of the government so, in a short time, Nicholas became a target of public criticism, his power was extremely reduced and he was denied the access to the resources used for experimentations. From this moment on, Nicholas tried his best to prevent, or create remedies, to every possible threat or crisis caused by the experimentations of the [Superluminal Project]: he built the Rescue Robot and he trained his successor Lorwyn.

  • Lorwyn

    He is Nicholas favorite pupil and he is extremely faithful and respectful towards his mentor. He is very smart and capable; even if Nicholas isnt always friendly when it comes to give orders to the young lad, Lorwyn knows how much his mentor cares about him so he lets it go with a smile every time. Lorwyn gives proof of his great skills on every research project he undertakes and he plays a very important role in helping Nicholas handling this unprecedented crisis.

  • The President

    He is the most powerful among the scientists at the space research center and he is also the head of the [Superluminal Project] development. The original project was designed and started by him together with Nicholas. He is naturally charismatic, has a strong sense of leadership as well as the guile and the ambitions of a politician.
    After more than a decade of researches, the [Superluminal Project] was about to be overwhelmed by the huge pressure that the government was exerting on it, thus the President rushed to finally implement the program. Nicholas did never agree with it and this decision marked the beginning of a fracture in the many years long friendship between the two.

  • Artificial Intelligence Control Platform

    It is the main Artificial Intelligence that controls the space station, though before the coming of the main character it was in a hibernation state. It will help the Rescue Robot with all the information needed to complete all the tasks and to solve all the mysteries and it will the most reliable and trustworthy ally. It has a hilarious and hyperactive personality; it will often say words of encouragement to the main character as well as providing sarcastic and mocking comments on his actions. As the game goes further, the AI Control and the Rescue Robot will discover more and more hidden secrets that lie in the deep of the Space Station and, who knows, some of these secrets may be directly related with the AI itselfK